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La société Régal Marée Boulogne sur Mer
Régal Marée, a company specialising in the processing and sale of fresh fish, was created in 1983. Retrofitting with European standards was obtained with the construction of new premises in 1996 (controlled temperature, forward motion etc.) Boulogne sur Mer


As the vital link between producers and retailers, our trade as fishmongers consists in the processing and sale of seafood products.

On the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the deep-sea fishing boats (boats that basically fish grenadiers, emperors, saithe, coalfish, etc.) land their catch every day from midnight onwards.

The inshore fishing boats (boats that fish hake, mackerel, cod, etc.), arrive in the port around 4 in the morning and immediately offload their catch. The fish are sold by public auction in Boulogne from 6 in the morning.

We purchase our goods at the auction but also buy catches from abroad, our aim being to offer our customers (hypermarkets and supermarkets, agents, fishmongers etc.) the widest range of fresh goods possible.

The fish thus bought is checked and stored fresh in our workshop until it is processed (filleted, packed Ready to Cook, as roasts, brochettes, steaks, slices, etc.)

Around 7h30 a.m., spot prices are sent by fax to our customers, and as orders come in, the fish is processed, checked, packed on ice in food-hygiene standard polyester boxes and stored in the cold room until it is routed to the bus station (departure according to region at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.).
In this way, fish offloaded in Boulogne one day can be on the stall in Nice the next.

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  • EC standard workshop
  • Skilled, highly professional staff

Recognised know-how:

  • Hand-cut fillets with no flanks.
    No risk of transmission of anisakis.
  • Hand-cut fillets with no bones.
  • Finished products ready to cook. Brochettes - Roast - Paupiettes

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